What’s included?


  • Custom Data in SFDC
  • Contact Roles from Campaigns
  • Contact Roles from Sales Activity
  • Salesforce Primary Campaign Source


  • 6 Models of Influence in MR Reporting
  • “N” number of custom weighting
  • Look across SFDC for influence
  • Roles fill gaps in external reports


  • 30-day free trial!
  • Setup included
  • Support included
  • 20-minute total setup time

MagicRobot’s unrivaled flexibility can help any Salesforce organization understand completely and automatically how marketing affects sales, no matter which reporting mechanism(s) you rely on, or what types of Data your Reps maintain:

    • MagicRobot Salesforce-based custom object & field reporting
    • Salesforce Standard Campaign Primary Campaign Source Reporting
    • Salesforce Standard Campaign Influence Reporting
    • Your Marketing Automation Platform’s Reporting & Dashboards
    • Einstein Analytics
    • Connected BI

This is how it works. It systematically and automatically creates contact roles so your reps don’t have to, activating all your marketing automation’s reporting. And it creates its own elegant dataset in Salesforce for easy reporting in Salesforce and/or BI if you already use it.