MagicRobot CEO and CIO Interview

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MagicRobot is featured on podcast "Art of Start Up War" with host and founder of venture capital firm Expert Dojo, Brian Mac Mahon. The interview features myself and Chief Innovation Officer and co-founder Dave Vacanti discussing the origins of the company, our technology, why Expert Dojo invested and how MagicRobot is delivering on the long but never fully realized promise of true revenue attribution at a time when optimizing a company's customer acquisition costs while simultaneously growing sales has never been more important.

MagicRobot is a data intelligence, analytics and hyper-automation technology company. Its flagship offering MagicAttribution™ delivers novel technology that reveals enriched data focused on optimizing sales and marketing ROI. Their solution assists in driving sales growth by mining, analyzing and reporting deep cross-view revenue attribution data to leadership, sales and marketing teams.

This enables them to work more efficiently, track pipelines, measure campaign influence and view deal velocity to optimize their company’s sales and marketing mix that leads to accelerated revenue growth.

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