From data deserts to competitive empires, build your revenue oasis. ️️

Our Salesforce native solutions are your co-pilot on a data-driven journey to conquer the market, one flourishing customer at a time.

Gain Unprecedented Insights into Your Sales and Marketing Business Operations.

As businesses navigate the ever-changing environment of digital transformation, our AI-driven solutions serve as the foundation for companies wanting to streamline and improve their revenue-generating operations.

Our solutions are designed to provide cohesiveness and efficiency to every aspect of your business, emphasizing generating total revenue growth.

Boost Your Growth

Unified Insights for Sales, Marketing, and Partnerships

MagicRobot is your reliable data analytics partner, providing precise insights that uncover the true drivers of your revenue and efficiency. Let's look at MagicRobot's main offerings

Revenue Operations

Using MagicRobot's AI-driven solutions, you can streamline and optimize your revenue-generating processes.

Enhance collaboration between sales, marketing, and customer success to drive overall revenue growth.

Marketing Teams

Advanced analytics and automation can help your marketing team.

To refine and amplify your marketing strategy, gain detailed insights into campaign effectiveness, attribution metrics, and engagement impact timelines.

Sales Operations

Transform your sales operations with MagicRobot's Salesforce-native platform.

From automated primary campaign source filling to pipeline impact aggregation, our solutions provide relevant data to your sales teams for a faster deal close.

Demand Generation

Boost your demand generation efforts with MagicRobot's advanced tools.

Uncover hidden data insights, optimize lead-to-account matching, and boost campaign efficacy to generate high-quality leads.

Salesforce Admin

With our 100% native solution, you can simplify data management and attribution analytics within Salesforce.

Automate repetitive operations, achieve legacy data standardization, and empower Salesforce admin to fully leverage the platform.

Senior Leadership

Provide senior leadership with the strategic information they need for informed decision-making.

MagicRobot provides complete revenue attribution statistics, customizable analytics, and campaign research to assist executives in driving business growth.

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Applied Systems

More Data, Save Time

MagicRobot has been able to unlock all of Applied Systems hidden and missing data delivering the full picture of marketing's contributions to revenue.

Each growth team member is saving an average of 10 hours per week due to MagicRobot automation.

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More critical data that was previously missing and unstructured


The Full Buyer's Journey

A large medical device company with a small growth team can now deliver reporting and revenue impact data as if they had 7 data scientist on staff!

With full automation, preset models and unique capabilities to surface the most important pipeline data, MagicRobot is Cynosure's co-pilot to growth.

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Visibility improvement on revenue influenced


Magical Automation

Salesforce is a central business system for GitHub that many departments must use each day. Workflow breakdown had been a common challenge before MagicRobot.

Today the GitHub team can sleep well at night knowing that data level tasks are being handled automatically for them.

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Increased efficiency in time spent on intensive manual tasks.

At MagicRobot, we Understand the importance of data in decision-making.

Join us on a transformational journey where MagicRobot becomes the spark for your organization's success in today's dynamic business landscape.

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