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As companies rocket forward, internal chaos brews. Silos rise, data gets trapped, and efficiency craters. Stuck in reactive mode, RevOps teams desperately need tools that elevate them from firefighters to growth architects.

Say goodbye to Frankenstein Salesforce. Whether you're a central RevOps warrior or a lone marketing operator, MagicRobot unleashes the hidden power within.

Here's the magic

Deliver personalized interactions based on unified data across platforms.

Deliver personalized interactions based on unified data across platforms.

Deliver personalized interactions based on unified data across platforms.

Key Features

Attribution Analytics

Visualize the customer journey across touchpoints and marketing channels. Understand what truly drives conversions and optimize your marketing budget.

Data Management

Centralize your data from all sources to create a single source of truth. Say goodbye to silos and hello to streamlined data analysis.

Data Integration

Revolutionize your marketing and RevOps operations with a Salesforce-native data integration solution that seamlessly integrates and automates data integration between Salesforce and external software platforms.

Currency Management

Say goodbye to disjointed reporting and inaccurate numbers. Our revolutionary enhancement to Salesforce’s architecture empowers you to handle multi-currency accounting and transitions and maintains accurate financial records across all objects.

Contact Roles - MagicRobot

Contact Role Creation

Streamline your marketing and sales processes with our Salesforce-native custom contact roles creator, gaining actionable insights through effective management.


Optimize marketing campaigns and drive higher conversion rates with actionable insights.

Deliver personalized interactions based on unified data across platforms.

Automate data tasks and eliminate manual workflows.

Save time and resources by streamlining data management and integration.

Make data-driven decisions for smarter marketing and sales strategies.

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Applied Systems

More Data, Save Time

MagicRobot has been able to unlock all of Applied Systems hidden and missing data delivering the full picture of marketing's contributions to revenue.

Each growth team member is saving an average of 10 hours per week due to MagicRobot automation.

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More critical data that was previously missing and unstructured


The Full Buyer's Journey

A large medical device company with a small growth team can now deliver reporting and revenue impact data as if they had 7 data scientist on staff!

With full automation, preset models and unique capabilities to surface the most important pipeline data, MagicRobot is Cynosure's co-pilot to growth.

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Visibility improvement on revenue influenced


Magical Automation

Salesforce is a central business system for GitHub that many departments must use each day. Workflow breakdown had been a common challenge before MagicRobot.

Today the GitHub team can sleep well at night knowing that data level tasks are being handled automatically for them.

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Increased efficiency in time spent on intensive manual tasks.

Top revenue-focused managers and marketing operations teams choose MagicRobot.

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