Revolutionize Salesforce Native Data Management

Unleash the power of a unified big data management solution and let your operations team orchestrate Salesforce data into a symphony of efficiency.

Magically Master Your Salesforce Data

Top RevOps and marketing teams put data to work, building breakthrough brand experiences, deepening consumer engagement, driving business results and assisting your operations team in orchestrating Salesforce data into a symphony of efficiency.

Silos are great for storing grain but not so much for data. Traditional Salesforce master data management architecture wasn’t built to fulfill the needs companies are requiring today. Critical cloud data is disparate and unstructured, which is why MagicRobot built a Salesforce native master data management solution that repairs the architectural gaps within Salesforce and allows for data to be managed with ease.

With MagicRobot’s Cloud Data Management capabilities you can

Consolidate data inside Salesforce and from other external platforms into a single, centralized location

Ensure quality data and consistency through automated cleansing and standardization process

Make informed decisions that drive revenue growth with actionable insights derived from data

Reimagine RevOps with a Unified Data Storage Solution Platform for Growth

Improved efficiency

Streamline RevOps processes and eliminate manual master data management tasks.

Enhanced collaboration

Foster collaboration between RevOps and other teams with a unified data platform inside Salesforce.

Increased revenue

Identify and capitalize on revenue opportunities with data-driven insights.

Reduced risk of data loss

Safeguard your valuable revenue data with robust big data security measures.

Relying on employees to work around known big data management issues inside Salesforce is costly and inefficient.

Pushing the data to external data lakes may seem like a good idea, but in the end, it creates yet another platform to manage and dramatically increases the likelihood of duplicates, omissions, and errors which lead to flawed “data-backed decisions.

Untangling Data Management Silos

More than just data integration, MagicRobot transforms data into actionable insights. Imagine a crystal-clear picture of your customer journey, illuminating every touchpoint and interaction. This level of clarity empowers marketing teams to make data-driven decisions that drive real business results.

How MagicRobot Streamlines Revenue Impact Analysis

Companies today are bombarded with data from various sources - web traffic analytics, marketing platforms, and customer support tools - making it a complex task to gain a unified view of target market behavior. RevOps and marketing teams often struggle to integrate data into the CRM from these silos, hindering their ability to analyze customer behavior and campaign impact on pipeline and revenue effectively.

MagicRobot cuts through this complexity by seamlessly integrating big data from diverse sources.

This holistic view of customer interactions empowers teams to:

Leverage deep customer insights to deliver targeted messaging and offers, maximizing engagement and conversion rates.

Identify which channels, individual campaigns and other activities drive the most value, allowing for budget allocation based on actual impact.

Gain insights into customer behavior and anticipate their needs, enabling proactive strategies for improved customer experience and loyalty.

MagicRobot’s Data Management solution helps you turn your data into charts, graphs, and other easily understood and interpreted visuals. This allows you to:

See patterns and relationships between different data points.

Monitor the performance of your sales and marketing campaigns and partner activities over time.

Understand which channels are working well and which ones need work.

Share your findings with stakeholders concisely.

Drive Better Decision-Making with Master Data Management and Cloud Data Storage Solutions

Top revenue-focused managers and marketing operations teams choose MagicRobot.

Let MagicRobot fix your Salesforce data management issues with a set-it and forget-it automated solution