See and Predict Precisely How Your Revenue Operations Drive Growth

Finally get the trusted and unified sales, marketing and partnership activity data you need to see what is - and is not - contributing to revenue.

Top revenue-focused managers and marketing operations teams choose MagicRobot.

Unleash Revenue Growth with Every Touchpoint

RevOps and marketing leaders use MagicRobot’s Salesforce native solutions to capture activity from each customer opportunity touchpoint and forecast like never before.

Our AI-driven platform surfaces and enriches reliable customer interaction data along the buyer's journey, providing insights into marketing’s impact on sales. MagicRobot is the most complete marketing performance measurement software for Salesforce users.

Empower Marketing and Sales with AI-Driven Insights

Data Analytics

Get deep cross-view highly automated analytics at the attribution level like never before. Analyze how your marketing spend is contributing to sales and optimize your budget to increase deal velocity and conversion rates. See the multidimensional revenue attribution you need to level up your growth.

Data Management

Solves existing big data gaps natively in Salesforce. Get missing and newly enriched data, centralize and bring into scope your marketing data from siloed 3rd party platforms and get a unified view of buyer impact on pipeline.


Our solution is ‘set-it and forget-it’. Once configured and installed sales reps no longer have to uniformly set lead source, primary campaign, and fill out contact roles. MagicRobot handles all of this work and more so your team can spend more time on closing deals!

The RevOps Solution that Helps You See the Bigger Picture

MagicRobot is a data intelligence solution that helps you to visualize, analyze, and evaluate what is contributing to revenue so you can automate and scale RevOps.

Artificial Intelligence Data

AI models are heavily influenced by the quality of data they are trained on. If the data is inaccurate, incomplete, inconsistent, or biased, the model's predictions and decisions will reflect these flaws.

MagicRobot's high-quality data ensures that AI systems can make more accurate predictions, provide relevant recommendations, and effectively automate processes.

What the Market Says by the Numbers

0 %

Report greatly improved collaboration between sales and marketing teams.

0 %

Average increase in visibility of marketing's effect on pipeline.

0 %

Average reported revenue increase in first year of implementation.

0 %

Average reported customer retention increase over first 24 months.

0 %

Average reported increase in account win rate and velocity to close.

Benefits and Outcomes

Increase Capital Efficiencies

by optimizing your customer acquisition costs

Reach Your Revenue Goals

with previously unattainable opportunity sales funnel performance data

Maximize Marketing ROI

by fine tuning your campaign mix and increase the velocity-to-close deals

Harmonize Sales & Marketing

and reap the benefits of internal alignment that fosters collaboration contributing to growth

See What Real Customers Have to Say About MagicRobot

Applied Systems

More Data, Save Time

MagicRobot has been able to unlock all of Applied Systems hidden and missing data delivering the full picture of marketing's contributions to revenue.

Each growth team member is saving an average of 10 hours per week due to MagicRobot automation.

0 %

More critical data that was previously missing and unstructured


The Full Buyer's Journey

A large medical device company with a small growth team can now deliver reporting and revenue impact data as if they had 7 data scientist on staff!

With full automation, preset models and unique capabilities to surface the most important pipeline data, MagicRobot is Cynosure's co-pilot to growth.

0 %

Visibility improvement on revenue influenced


Magical Automation

Salesforce is a central business system for GitHub that many departments must use each day. Workflow breakdown had been a common challenge before MagicRobot.

Today the GitHub team can sleep well at night knowing that data level tasks are being handled automatically for them.

0 %

Increased efficiency in time spent on intensive manual tasks.

Automate and Scale RevOps with MagicRobot

Our intelligent and highly automated solutions help B2B RevOps teams support sales and marketing with complete and trusted data backed support.

Finally get the unified tools you’ve been looking for!