Take Your Data Visibility From
Black & White to Full-Color

Learn how MagicRobot can help you accurately measure the impact of your marketing, sales, and partner activities on revenue.

Silence the Data Noise: See Campaign Impact and Drive Growth Now

Knowing what is working (and what isn’t) is important in all aspects of business - but what happens when you don’t have access to that information?

Measuring campaign influence on the pipeline in Salesforce reliably and completely is impossible when multiple campaigns are influencing your contacts & leads - and to differing degrees. This is where MagicRobot comes in and uncovers the missing information you need to make effective, data-driven decisions.

With Marketing Attribution Analytics

Our advanced revenue attribution solution installs and operates entirely within your instance of Salesforce, so there’s no outside software to manage. The data and insights are revealed immediately after a short initial configuration process.

MagicRobot Delivers Positive Outcomes with Accurate Data Intelligence

Maximize Marketing ROI

by fine tuning your campaign mix and increase the velocity-to-close deals

Increase Capital Efficiencies

by optimizing your customer acquisition costs

Reach Your Revenue Goals

Increase lead generation with previously unattainable opportunity sales funnel performance data

Harmonize Sales and Marketing Teams

and reap the benefits of internal alignment that fosters collaboration contributing to growth

With MagicRobot, you can finally analyze which campaigns do (or don’t) help your reps find and win deals.

Cross-Channel Attribution

MagicRobot's cross-channel attribution solution empowers marketers to optimize their spending and maximize ROI by measuring the impact of marketing campaigns across multiple channels, pinpointing the specific touchpoints that drive results within each channel.

Multi-Channel Attribution

MagicRobot's Multi-touch attribution offers a revolutionary approach to marketing analytics, empowering marketers to dissect the influence of their campaigns on customer conversions with unparalleled precision.

Unlike traditional aggregate methods, our multi-channel and multi-touch attribution campaign delves deeper, providing a granular, person-level view of campaign performance.

This critical tool empowers marketers to accurately measure campaign effectiveness and refine their strategies with laser focus, ensuring optimal return on investment (ROI).

Key Benefits of Multi-touch Attribution -

Gain a holistic understanding of customer behavior and identify the most influential touchpoints that drive conversions.

Allocate marketing resources effectively by prioritizing campaigns and channels that have the greatest impact on conversions.

Maximize your return on investment by optimizing your marketing strategies based on data-driven insights. ​

Campaign attribution is a specific piece of the puzzle within the broader field of marketing attribution. It zooms in on how individual marketing campaigns, rather than general channels or platforms, contribute to conversions and other desired outcomes.

Just to put it in perspective: Marketing attribution is like understanding the entire customer journey, with all its twists and turns. Campaign attribution is like focusing on a specific tour guide along that journey – a particular campaign the customer encountered.

Here's how campaign attribution works -

Analyzes all the interactions a customer has with a specific campaign, such as ad clicks, website visits, email opens, etc.

Assigns a value to each touchpoint based on its perceived influence on the conversion. This value can be determined by various models, like last-click, first-click, or linear attribution.

By understanding which campaign elements are most impactful, marketers can optimize future campaigns for better results.

Campaign Attribution

Here are some benefits of using campaign attribution

You can prioritize campaigns that drive the most conversions and cut back on less effective ones.

You can tailor campaign messages to resonate better with specific audiences at different stages of their journey.

You can see how different campaigns work together to influence conversions, leading to a more cohesive marketing strategy.

Top revenue-focused managers and marketing operations teams choose MagicRobot.

See how your campaigns are driving revenue

With MagicRobot, you can finally analyze which campaigns do (or don’t) help your reps find and win deals.