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More Data, Save Time

MagicRobot has been able to unlock all of Applied Systems hidden and missing data delivering the full picture of marketing's contributions to revenue.

Each growth team member is saving an average of 10 hours per week due to MagicRobot automation.

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More critical data that was previously missing and unstructured

The Full Buyer's Journey

A large medical device company with a small growth team can now deliver reporting and revenue impact data as if they had 7 data scientist on staff!

With full automation, preset models and unique capabilities to surface the most important pipeline data, MagicRobot is Cynosure's co-pilot to growth.

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Visibility improvement on revenue influenced

See What Real Customers Have to Say About MagicRobot

"We have 300% more data, can prove a 33% increase in revenue attributed to marketing and it's saving me 10 hours a week! We would be lost without MagicRobot."

Amber Hobson Demand Generation Manager

"MagicRobot is our [revenue] 'book of truth'. We've got mountains of data intelligence we never had before! "

Peter Kuhn Sr. Manager of Marketing Technology

"Before MagicRobot, I didn’t know which activities directly or indirectly were contributing to revenue - individually and in aggregate."

Brian Vass VP of Revenue Operations

"It just f@?#ing works! We’ve vetted everything in the market. Nothing comes close to MagicRobot."

Amandeep Sandhu Head of Growth & Marketing

"We’ve already uncovered over $3m in closed deals that previously could not be attributed."

Chris Pearson Sales Analytics Manager

"MagicRobot is a must for all B2B sales and marketing teams. We literally could not run the in depth campaign influence reporting our organization demands without MagicRobot!"

Mona Killingsworth Global Data Quality Mrg.

"We are blown-away with the buyer’s journey intelligence we are getting from MagicAttribution. MagicRobot’s technology is unlocking insights that would otherwise be impossible to identify."

Akash Datal Marketing/Sales Ops Mgr.

"We can now measure how effective our campaigns are with MagicRobot! Our marketing and sales teams rely on the analytics and data to effectively plan our marketing budget and deploy the right campaigns to drive velocity. Easy implementation and clean excellent UI. Thank you MagicRobot team"

Marlo Oxciano Data Manager

"With thousands of C2C and B2B customers, this poses a challenge on how we can effectively use this data to better serve our customers. It would take an entire team of data scientists to accomplish what MagicRobot does automatically in a fraction of the time and most importantly, cost. The value we get from this software is extraordinary, especially when compared to the cost of not having it."

Ben Labra President and CEO

Top revenue-focused managers and marketing operations teams choose MagicRobot.

Automate and Scale RevOps with MagicRobot

Our intelligent and highly automated solutions help B2B RevOps teams support sales and marketing with complete and trusted data backed support. Finally get the unified tools you’ve been looking for!