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Pilots shouldn’t fly blind.

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Magic Robot builds the Marketing & Sales ROI analysis data you need – from whatever data you have.

With fast setup & low cost.

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Analyze Your Marketing ROI

Here’s how Magic Robot rolls:
6 Models, One App.

Your campaign attribution analysis will always include 6 models. However, through that framework, you can layer additional weighting and criteria to enable even more lenses through which to view each model, focusing specifically on # and value of Opportunities

100% Salesforce.

Magic Robot is 100%, with the reliability and security of  All the data Magic Robot produces is 100% Salesforce and is made easily available in any other connected platforms, including Predictive Analytics or BI systems.

Extremely Cost-Effective.

Quickly implement game-changing analysis tools without multiple layers of IT budget approval hurdles.  And because of the app’s administrative simplicity, you won’t sap your IT department of effort.  It’s Salesforce.  Your path to world-class analysis is frictionless.

Short Demos

Learn why and how Magic Robot’s Campaign Influence Analyzer & Contact Role Creator app solves Salesforce & Marketing Automation Campaign ROI Reporting!

How the App and Campaign Influence Work 2:17

This is how it works. It systematically and automatically creates contact roles so your reps don’t have to, activating all your marketing automation’s reporting. And it creates its own elegant dataset in Salesforce for easy reporting in Salesforce and/or BI if you already use it.

Models of Influence 1:59

This demo explains in detail the Magic Robot models of influence of the campaign influence analyzer app which includes:

  • General Influence (split evenly between all campaigns)
  • First Response
  • Last Response
  • Most Influential Campaign
  • Closers (responses between oppty create and win)

Explorer/Projector demo 4:46

The Explorer / Projector demo offers different ways to observe and interact with campaign results, including the ability to project against a sales goal or a proposed spend.  You can quickly and easily filter results and use them as a historic basis for projections.

Campaign Influence Analyzer & Contact Role Creator

Magic Robot tells you which campaigns are helping your reps find and win opportunities.

Customer Focused

Magic Robot is 100% committed to the success of your implementation and reporting experience. Let us help you implement in the easiest-for-you way for your policies and IT structure. We can totally implement for you, work with one of your preferred partners, or your internal Marketing Ops, Admins or IT professionals.

Contact Role Creator

Let your sales reps sell! Forget trying to train your reps to uniformly set lead source, primary campaign and fill out contact roles whenever they create opportunities. Magic Robot will do the work and you can stop nagging and/or blaming your reps.

Powerful & Easy to Control

Magic Robot's settings allow for extreme flexibility in how its algorithm reliably analyzes your data. Complex B2B environments are our specialty, and we make life easy for SMB, Mid-Market and Enterprise single-currency and multi-currency environments.

Average increase in visibility of marketing's effect on Pipeline:
The Difference

Experience true visibility into Marketing's influence on Sales

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