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Campaign Influence Analyzer & Contact Role Creator

What is it?

This app miraculously fixes the campaign-response-to-opportunity gap inherent in Salesforce + any marketing automation for Business-to-Business Sales and Marketing Operations.
By simply installing the app and spending 3 minutes to configure it, you will be able to finally accurately tell which of your campaigns, vendors, vehicles and messages have helped your reps find and qualify opportunities and wins.

And maybe more importantly, you will know which campaigns are total duds.

You can also use the app to automatically and systematically create salesforce "Opportunity Contact Roles" -- instead of asking your human sales reps to do it -- which is the architectural feature many marketing automation platforms use to determine how campaigns affect opportunities.

The 5 Models of Influence

Check out this video to see how the app tells you which campaigns are the best:

  • Door Openers
  • Qualifiers
  • Closers

You can also:

  • finally calculate with true accuracy the Response-to-Create and Response-to-win timelines
  • determine which contact types / titles generate the most cash
  • make and export marketing projections based on either a sales goal or a proposed spend

Why do you need it?

Salesforce's closed-loop marketing works great by itself when your product sells itself and a sales rep gets a lead and does a quick sale directly from that lead. More typically this is a consumer-type sale.

But when you sell something that's more complex, and to a group of people in a much longer buying cycle, you are either asking your sales reps to do a ton of administrative work, or you have no idea how campaign responses influence opportunities.

Install this sucker now free for 30 days and see how your campaigns are influencing your sales (accurately and will complete ease of use).

Magic Robot Blog

Use Formulas in Report Criteria

You have some core reports that reference the same criteria over and over, right?

Like you've got this in 37 reports and views:

Lead Source does not contain Partner

What happens if you need to add another Lead Source?

You gotta edit every one of those criteria in every report and view?

No! Use a formula field in your criteria!

By adding another layer, you'll enable yourself to be able to edit the formula field only, and it will logically allow all your reports to move fluidly over without you having to do anything.

Equipment needed

  • a formula field on the opportunity called "Lead Source Type"
  • Change all your reports' criteria (for the last time) to reference this new field instead of "Lead Source"

Use the CASE() formula function to set the value for the Lead Source Type formula:

CASE( LeadSource,
"Email Campaign", "Marketing",
"Webinar", "Marketing",
"Trade Show", "Marketing",
..and so on... "Referral Partner", "Channels",

Using the Explorer / Projector

Tips for using the "Campaign Explorer/Projector"


The purpose of the tool is to give you quick and easy explorer (and hypothetical) access to your campaign data.

Dial in criteria on the left hand side of the screen.

Keep evolving the criteria to follow your curiosity.

Then when you've found something meaningful, export that to Excel to save the criteria that got you there as well as the insight you may have just discovered.

Don't be afraid to use the projector inputs
This will allow you to get a rough idea of what you would need to spend for some of your better ROI campaigns.


If you click on any of of the column headings, you will sort the results. So for example, in

Why Magic Robot

You're already paying for premium, world-class software that allows you to easily do almost whatever you need it to.

If for no other reason, you should purchase additional software only if there's no other way to do it, or the other ways are more expensive.

So Magic Robot's aim is not just to provide you 'no other choice' solutions, but also to detail for you useful salesforce techniques that will help you maximize your existing investment in CRM.

This blog will be the place we put that.

While we believe that there is extreme value in Magic Robot's solutions, we offer them at a low, flat price because:

1: You're already paying for Salesforce!

2: Rather than giant heavy contracts and long consulting engagements, Magic Robot's goal is market share

So if you think our software may help you, be our guest: give it a